Royal Australian Artillery Association

Gunners with recent overseas service who are either still serving, discharged or retired

Association Calendar 2021

The following list of activities is current as at 3 Oct 2021. Please note that all activities for the remainder of 2021 have been cancelled, please amend your diaries. Information concerning the AGM will be made shortly.

Future Acctivity marked with ‘*’ in the Date or Activity/Event/Action column indicates that the date or information is not yet finalised.

Sunday25-Apr-21Anzac Day – see notice on home page re participation.
Sunday2-May-21Committee Meeting.
Sunday6-Jun-21Committee Meeting.
Wednesday16-Jun-21‘Bevan Lennie’ Artillery Lunch
Saturday*7-Aug-21 To be confirmed93rd Annual Gunner Dinner
Sunday19-Sep-21Committee Meeting.
Sunday17-Oct-21Annual General Meeting
Sunday17-Oct-21Committee Meeting* – follows AGM
Thursday21-Oct-21Gunner Challenge Golf Day
SundayTo be advised*St Barbara’s Day Gunner Gathering

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