Royal Australian Artillery National Museum


In March, 1981 a meeting of interested gunners responded to the DRA's call for the formation of a body that would foster and maintain the artillery history and the regiment's colours and trophy guns laid up in parks, clubs, fortifications and military establishments. Held at the School of Artillery the meeting welcomed the development and the The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Society was formed. See Gunfire 1981 Vol 17 No 3.

The next issue of Gunfire Vol 17 No 4 called for:
With the RAA Historical Society now actively operating members are requested to consider donating artillery memorabilia such as uniforms badges, photographs, equipment, medals, maps etc for retention and display by the Society. Any donations will be gratefully received and should be accompanied by some written history. Please contact secretary.'

'In 1986 the RAA Historical Society published the "The Guns Of Middle Head and Georges Heights" researched and edited by Major Roy Harvey (RL), a member of the Society, and sets out a brief history of the defence of Sydney Cove from 1788 to 1961 when all Coast Artillery installations were declared obsolete.' ...... Extract from Gunfire Vol 18 No 1

This was the first of a number of books, papers and research that has flowed from the volunteers over the past quarter of a century.

By 1987 the collection of memorabilia and artillery artefacts had grown significantly and the search for a 'permanent' home commenced in earnest. See extract from Gunfire Vol 18 No 3.

In 1997 the RAA Historical Society AGM agreed to a special resolution that formed the RAA Historical Company in 1998. The other changes around this time was the relocation of the School of Artillery to Puckapunyal, the transfer of the curatorial role to Army History Unit and the eventual transfer of Defence land to the State via the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

During the last decade the exhibits, many of them unique, some on perpetual loan from families along with restored atrefacts and memorabilia have been visited by local, interstate and international tourists. A national Memorial Walkway wends its way from the verge near artillery hall to the pathway between No1 & 2, 9.2in Gun Positions and records the contribution of Australian Artillery from Colonial Period to the present times. Much of this occured near Sydney and at the various times, Schools of Artillery, located at Victoria Barracks, Middle Head, South Head and North Head.

The SydneyHarbour Federation Trust (SHFT) released a Management Plan for public comment in 2010.