Join the RAA Association (NSW) Inc

Relatives and Descendants of Gunners are welcome to become members of our Gunner Family, an Association that has represented its members since 1946.

  • Are you a Serving Gunner?
  • Have you been a Serving Gunner?
  • Have you been attached to an Artillery Regiment or Unit? (eg; AACC, RAAMC, RACT, RASigs, RAAOC, RAEME, RAAF and Musicians)
  • Are you a Relative of or a Descendant of a past or present Gunner?
  • Were you previously a member of an Artillery Association that is no longer functioning?

If you can answer Yes to any of the above, you are most welcome to be a member of the Royal Australian Artillery Association (NSW) Inc.

Your membership is possible under one of the following membership categories;

Ordinary Membership

Associate Membership

Special Membership

Follow the Membership Categories link for a detailed description of eligibility.

The association's financial year is from 1 Sep to 31 Aug of the following year. All membership subscriptions fall due on 31 Aug.

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Other Membership Services

Moving, reposted or need to notify or update your personal information?

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Circumstances changed - Health, Hospitalisation, Death, Accident or Other?

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