Our History

The earliest evidence of an Artillery Association in NSW dates back to the periods 1887 and 1891. However the details of this early Association have been lost in time.

Following World War 1, a group of officers established the Annual Gunner Dinner, which has continued down the years. The association existed during the inter-war period, however there are no records. The Gunner Dinner was suspended during the Second World War.


Towards the end of WW2 MAJGEN J Whitelaw commenced the formation of associations across Australia. On the 9 th May 1946, a group of officers under the Chairmanship of LTCOL J Manning moved to form an Association open to all those who served with Artillery. On the 31 st August 1948, a further meeting was convened, a Constitution adopted and Office Bearers elected to the Royal Australian Artillery Association NSW Branch.


The new Association reflected the immediate post-war years and its initial membership was composed of officers. With the expansion of the Army in the 1970’s and the changes in service and social conditions, the Constitution of the Association was amended in 1977, to widen membership qualifications to include all Gunners regardless of Rank.


In 1993 the existing association became the Royal Australian Artillery Association (NSW) Incorporated.


Since its inception the association has maintained a close relationship with the Royal Artillery Association in the United Kingdom.


Our Patrons


The Association is honoured to have the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, as its Patron.


Previous Patrons



LTGEN Sir Frank Berryman KCVO, CB, CBE, DSO


1948 - 1981

Sir Roden Cutler VC, AK, KCMG, KCVO, CBE


1981 - 2002

Hon Gordon Samuels AC, Honorary President

1996 - 2000


Our Presidents


The current president of the association is LTCOL Alain Dunand, who was elected at the association's AGM in Oct 2012.


Presiding Chairmen of meetings preceding the formation of the Association:




LTCOL J Manning

Inaugural Meeting 9 May 1946



Provisional Committee 5 Aug 1948


BRIG MB Keatinge

Provisional Committee 18 Aug 1948



General Meeting 31 Aug 1948


Presidents - RAA Association (NSW)

Period commencing


BRIG M Keatinge

31 Aug 1948


LTCOL C Ingate

17 Nov 1949


COL B Watchorn

13 Sep 1951



11 Sep 1953


BRIG CE Chapman

25 Aug 1954


BRIG AG Hanson

28 Aug 1958


COL GYD Scarlett

13 Jun 1961


LTCOL RK Fullford

11 Jun 1963


LTCOL D Pennicook

From 13 Oct 1964 acted as President following the resignation of BRIG RK Fullford following his promotion and posting to Darwin.



8 Jun 1965


BRIG FB McAlister

11 Jun 1968


LT AW Quinn

8 Jun 1971


LTCOL F McAskill

13 Jun 1972


LTCOL LD McLaughlin

10 Jun 1980


CAPT WC Liddell

Acting President then elected from 8 Feb 1982



13 Jul 1983


MAJ BFE Wilson

13 Jun 1984


BRIG WM Silverstone

12 Jun 1985


LTCOL GS Staziker

6 Jul 1988


MAJ LP Hindmarsh

Acting President from 8 Nov 1989 then elected from 18 Jul 1990


Presidents - RAA Association (NSW) Inc

Period commencing


LTCOL KJ Broadhead

21 Jul 1993


LTCOL D Ireland

21 Aug 1996


MAJ R Corbett

8 Feb 1998


Mr B Lennie



Mr P Easton

Acting President 2002 then elected from Oct 2002


COL D Tait

Oct 2005


LTCOL Schon G Condon


Oct 2008

COL D Tait


Oct 2011

LTCOL Alain Dunand


Oct 2012


Ver: as at Oct 2012