Gunfire Issues & Subscription Information



The association's newsletter, Gunfire, was published in Black & White for many years, then photos were added and in some cases sepia photos or single colour covers were used.

From 2005, there was an increasing use of coloured covers and the progressive introduction of colured photographs in the archive copies however most issues are still printed in black ink throughout.

From issue 2/2010 onwards an email version has been available with increasing amounts of colour used throughout.


Gunfire is distributed to ordinary and associate members as part of their annual subscription to the Association.

Gunfire is available to the following categories at a cost of $15pa.

Members of the Association's Branches:

RAA Association (NSW) Newcastle
12 Fd Regt ( Vietnam) Association
23 Fd Regt Association
9 HAA/LAA Regts Association
18 LAA Regt Association
Coast Artillery Association

Perpetual and Special Members

Non-members in Australia can subscribe at the rate of $A25pa.


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