The Holy Trinity Garrison Church

The first Anglican Bishop of Australia William Grant Broughton, laid the foundation stone on 23 June 1840 and services began on 7 August 1843. The stone used to construct the church, came from the large cutting via which the adjacent Argyle Street passes, linking Sydney Cove with Darling Harbour and Millers Point.

Following the disbanding of the New South Wales Corps after the Rum Rebellion, for the next 60 years from 1810 to 1870, around 20,000 British soldiers serving in 24 British infantry regiments and associated elements of Marines, Royal Engineers and Royal Artillery, rotated through the Australian colonies. All the regiments spent time in Sydney and the average stay across these regiments was 7 years. The Sydney garrison fluctuated in size from 1 regiment to 5 at it's peak.

The proximity of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church to the nearby garrison barracks, saw it being used by the regiments for services and hence it became popularly known as The Garrison Church.