Gunners Challenge Golf Day 2007

This was the second year of competition for the perpetual Shield donated by the RAA Association (NSW). The teams met on a beautiful day on Sun 4 Nov, 2007, six weeks later this year, to take advantage of daylight saving time. The course was a bit damp from the preceding days of rain, but this did not dampen the play. There were 5 teams this year, 'A' Bty, 1 Fd Regt Association, 12 Fd Regt (Vietnam) Association, 23 Fd Regt and RAA (NSW) Association. 'A' Bty and 1 Fd Regt were attending for the first time.

'A' Bty won the Challenge this year.

Don Tait, on the right, President of the Association, presenting MAJ Damien Hill with the Shield.



Vic Willey, on the left,Vice President (Operations), presenting the 'A' Bty Team members with their commemorative medallions. From right to left LT James Tarpley, SGT David Rudder, WO2 Troy Stacey and MAJ Damien Hill.



12 Fd Regt (Vietnam) Association, winners of the inaugural challenge last year, were this year's gracious runners up.

12 Fd Regt Association was represented by, left to right, Ralph Tesson, Graham Ryland, Rob Costello and David Prizeman



The RAA Association (NSW) filled third place.

RAA Association team members were, left to right, Barry Lloyd, Vic Willey and Don Tait.



MAJ Damien Hill, on the right, being congratulated by Vic Willey for winning the Longest Drive on the 7th fairway.




Marty Voormeulen, on the right, from 23 Fd Regt, won the Longest Drive on the 18th fairway, as well as Nearest the Pin at hole 3.



LTCOL Schon Condon from 23 Fd Regt, won the consolation prize this year.



1 Fd Regt Association team members were Neil Dibley, Graham Sutherland, and Dick Lewis.

Behind the scenes Geoff Hedge and Laurie Manning supported Vic Willey and his organisation, in staging a very successful day.

The next time the "owners" of the Shield will be challenged, will be in early November 2008.

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