Gunners Challenge Golf Day 2006

The Association's Artillery Team Golf Day Challenge has finally gone the distance. After trying a number of formats, a challenge between units, formations and associations has attracted a good field and provided a great day of golf at Georges River Golf Course on Sunday, 24 September.

The teams were competing for a perpetual shield donated by the RAA Association (NSW) for annual competition.

The overall winning team on the day was 12 Fd Regt ( Vietnam) Assn.

12 Fd Regt ( Vietnam) Association Team included David Prizeman, Neil Mangels, Rob Costello, and Ralph Tesson



 23 Fd Regt Association placed second.

23 Fd Regt AssociationTeam included Barry Willoughby, David Willoughby, Harry Payne, and John Hurcum.



 The RAA Historical Company Team filled third place.

RAA Historical CompanyTeam included David Leyshon, Michelle Sloss, Susie Leyshon and Kate Macdouall.



Each team member received a medallion to mark the occasion and the shield a suitably engraved plate.

Battling gusty winds, David Leyshon (RAAHC) made the longest drive at the 4th while not to be outdone, David Willoughby (23 Fd Regt Assn) achieved the distinction at the 16th. The nearest the pin prize went begging this year, perhaps due to the met conditions, as no player qualified.

Other teams playing represented the following units or associations.

23 Fd Regt included Schon Condon, Peter Simic, Mark Byrnes, Voormeulen, Dennis Theiss and Ms Fiona Adlophe.



7 Fd Regt included Brett Franklin, Andrew White, David Kristan and Hayley Hall.



RAA Association (NSW) included Vic Willey, Don Tait and Neil Dibley.



Behind the scenes, Charlie Hankin & Geoff Hedge provided buggy services and manned the watering hole and cooked up a storm on the BBQ as they supported Vic Willey and his organisation in staging the day.

The challenge is out there. Will 12 Fd Regt ( Vietnam) Assn keep the shield next year or will teams come back stronger than ever to win it back? The next time the "owners" of the Shield will be challenged will be in early November 2007 as this will allow players to take advantage of daylight saving and perhaps better conditions. Photos: Charlie Hankin

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