Annual Gunner Dinner 2016

"Centenary of Fromelles "

The 89th Annual Gunner Dinner was held at the Parramatta RSL Club on Saturday, 30th July 2016. This year was the Centenary of the Battle of Fromelles on 19th July 1916, which was the first battle that the 1st AIF took part in on the Western Front in France. This year was also the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, fought in South Vietnam on 16th August 1966. These anniversaries were the theme of this year's dinner.

The RAA Association Standard was paraded by Sgt Eric Bridge 23 Lt Bty RAA 4/3 Bn RNSWR
MAJ P Wong, Mrs D Condon, MAJGEN T Ford AO, LTCOL S G Condon RFD, BRIG V Williams CSC, Mrs Williams, Ms Y Tong, MAJ I Jeong


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View across the dining room with 86 in attendance.


RAA Association (NSW) Soldier of the Year Awards for 2016

LTCOL Schon G Condon, President announcing the presentation of the Soldier of the Year Awards
MAJ Philip Wong, BC 7 Lt Bty 2/17 RNSWR, introduced the Award recipient GNR Ryan Hungerford.  
GNR Ryan Hungerford receiving the Award from BRIG Vince Williams
MAJ Il-Kwon Jeong, BC 23 Lt Bty 4/3 RNSWR introduced the Award recipient GNR Cameron Beveridge  
GNR Cameron Beveridge receiving the Award from BRIG Vince Williams
  Major General (Ret'd) Tim Ford AO, Chairman of the RAA Historical Company, read the "Letter of Loyalty" and the Anniversary Greetings to the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery from Brigadier CD Furini CSC, Head of Regiment. Read the reply to the "Letter of Loyalty"

The 4/3 RNSWR Band, under LCMDR Ross Griffiths, provided formal and incidental music.

  Brigadier Vince Williams CSC (Ret'd) delivered the centenary address, "1916 - The Somme ". Click here to view his address.
At the end of dinner, Sgt Eric Bridge removes the Standard
and marches out the RAA Association Standard.

Members of 23 Lt Bty and 23 Fd Regt Association front of the Association Banner.

Photographs by Vic Rae.

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