Reserve Forces Day 2013

The Reserve Forces Day, held on Sunday 7 July, saw the three services assemble on a fine day in Hyde Park North and then march down Macquarie Street to form up in front of Parliament House. The senior VIP, Air Marshall Mark Biskin, arrived with a NSW Police and a Light Horse escort. After the formalities the parade marched off down Macquarie Street giving an eyes right and after a couple of turns was dismissed in Phillip Street near the NSW Leagues Club, where the post parade reunion was enjoyed by the parade participants.

Standard Bearers rehearse their drills prior to the parade.

Photos courtesy of Vic Rae. Click on an image to view a larger image.





Ferret Scout vehicles from 1/15RNSWL Museum led the parade and held ground throughout the ceremony.


Light Horse Re-enactment Squadron approaching the saluting dias in Macquarie Street.


Michael Carrodus, Secretary RAA Association NSW, heads the Unit Banner Bearers prior to taking up positions behind the parade.

A small HQ 2 Div closely followed by Artillery Divisional Troops, 21 Fd Regt Association and 18 LAA Regt Association.
21 Fd Regt Association led by Max Falconer, followed by 18 LAA Regt Association led by Ray Samuel.
18 LAA Regt Association.
23 Fd Regt Association.
Gunners on approach to the saluting dais
21 Fd Regt Association
18 LAA Regt Association
7 Fd Regt Association
Thistle Pipes & Drums
Royal NSW Scottish Regiment Pipes & Drums
Artillery Association Band
Army Band Sydney
NSW Ambulance Band
Band from 1/15 Royal NSW Lancers, together with musicians of 23 Lt Bty, 4/3 RNSWR Band

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