Reserve Forces Day 2008

The Reserve Forces Day celebration held on Sunday 6 July in Sydney saw a turnout of current serving reserve soldiers and many ex-reservists. The banners of the reserve artillery associations were spread from the leading elements of 2 Division through to both 5 and 8 Brigades.

Army Band Newcastle, a Reserve Army Band performed the main ceremonial tasks at the beginning of the day, welcoming the guests at Parliament House, before leading the march from College Street down Macquarie Street.



Light Horse Re-enactment Group


Vintage military vehicles



21 Field Regiment Association

Photo courtesy of R. Weewan


9 Heavy & 9 Light Anti Aircraft Regiments Association

Photo courtesy of R. Weewan

  18 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment Association, followed by the Locating Artillery Association
23 Field Regiment Association   7 Field Regiment Association
Parading the Banners before Parliament House - the trombone player is from the 1/15 RNSW Lancer Band      



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