Reserve Forces Day 2007

The Reserve Forces Day celebration held on Sunday 1 July in Sydney saw a turnout of current serving reserve soldiers and many ex-reservists. The banners of the reserve artillery associations were spread from the leading elements of 2 Division through to both 5 and 8 Brigades.

Leading Gunner contingents march behind the Regimental Association Banner. Immediately following is the banner of 21 Field Regiment Association



Banners of 9 Heavy & Light Anti-Aircraft Association and 18 Light Anti-Aircraft Association.


18 Light Anti-Aircraft Association main body and the banner of the Locating Artillery Association



Main body of the Locating Artillery Association


Banner of 23 Field Regiment Association


Banner of 7 Field Regiment Association



Special Guests for the occasion seen seated here behind the saluting dias included the most recent recipient of the Victoria Cross, Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC visiting from the UK as well as Keith Payne VC.


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