Reserve Forces Day 2016

The Reserve Forces Day, held on Sunday 3 July, saw the gunners assemble among the other reservists on a fine day near Park Street in Hyde Park South and then march down the avenue breaking left and right around the Pool of Reflection. The unit standards were positioned on the pool walkway and association banners behind the participants.. A standard was unfurled to commemorate the 1916 Battles of the Western Front. His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, Governor of NSW arrived with a NSW Police and a Light Horse escort. After the formalities the parade marched off giving an eyes right.

Photos courtesy of Vic Rae and Peter Butterworth. Click on an image to view a larger image.




The South Pacific Concert Band included a number of former and serving gunner musicians.
Gunner badges among the band.
Don Tait, Vic Rae and Barry Glover in the assembly area.
7 Fd Regt Assn, followed by 23 Fd Regt Assn, move into position.
Gunners formed up - North end.
Gunners formed up - South end.
Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin AC recives a General Salute.
Light Horse historical contingent lead the Governor's car up College Street.
Mounted Police and Light Horse contingents depart after escorting the Governor's car to Hyde Park.
His Excellency, The Governor of NSW addresses the parade.
Barry Glover leads 18 Lt Anti-Aircraft Regt Assn marching off.
18 Light Anti-Aircraft Asssn marches off parade.
7 Fd Regt Assn marches off parade.
21 Fd Regt Assn marches off parade.
The 1916 Western Front Standard and escort compliment the Governor.

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