'Bevan Lennie' Artillery Luncheon 2009

Getting to know BRIG Wayne Goodman AM Head of Regiment

Thirty plus gunners and partners met following the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend for the mid-year luncheon that honours Bevan Lennie who instituted the practice.

We were joined by our newly appointed Head of Regiment, BRIGADIER Wayne Goodman AM.

BRIG Goodman provided a succinct and lively overview of the Defence White Paper and reminded us of the Government's priorities.


  • Defence of Australia
  • Close Neighbours
  • Allies
  • Emerging issues


  • Savings in Defence can be reinvested in the future .
  • Consolidation and building of super bases and infrastructure.
He highlighted the need to review the role and function of the Reserve in the light of the introduction of digital gunnery, the development and maintenance of specialist skills involved with new gun systems and digital calls for fire.


As the army adapts to a 155mm configuration, both SP and light, the Reserve is likely to further support the observation role, including provision of joint fire teams while using mortars as the primary weapon.