Next Mid-Year Luncheon


The 2016 'Bevan Lennie' Luncheon is

scheduled for

Wednesday 22 June

1230 for 1330 hrs

This is a social get-to-gether for gunners, partners and friends in pleasant surrounds. While the association organises it, the activity is open to the gunner community and friends.

So come along, enjoy a meal and good company.

Venue: Illusions Restaurant, 2nd floor Club City, 565 George Street Sydney.

Access: One block from Town Hall, and Museum stations, buses to the door.

Parking: Available at Goulburn St, World Square, Queen Victoria, or St Andrews.

Acceptance: Bookings are essential, please click here to complete an RSVP form.

If you are familair with Electronic Funds transfer but have not used a PDF online fillable form or would like to know more about the process then read Hints for completing the RSVP form .

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