Anzac Day 2018

Post - World War 2 Gunner Associations

Post-WW2 Gunners led by the President RAA Association (NSW), LTCOL Schon G Condon RFD, joined by gunners not represented by a unit banner.

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A Field Battery Association Sudan to Afghanistan
101 Field Battery led by COL John Bertram who was it's BC in Vietnam
4 Field Regiment with MAJGEN Tim Ford AO leading the Banner, followed by former members.
  7 Field Regiment Association 1948-2012 led by BRIG John Keefe RFD, including members of 7 Bty RAA raised in 2013.
  102 CORAL Bty commemorating the 50th anniversary year of the Battle of CORAL, as a sub-unit of 12 Fd Regt - led by COL Don Tait OAM
104 Field Bty was also involved in the Battles of CORAL and BALMORAL

We welcome back 107 Field Bty now with an updated banner acknowledging Timor_Leste 2000-2007

23 Fd Regt, 1948-2012, led by Association Treasurer, Peter Burgess with former CO, LTCOL Ken Broadhead RFD. Also joined by members of the current 23 Bty RAA, raised in 2013 as part of the recently raised 9 Regt.

1 ATF Detachment 131 Div Loc Bty
9 HAA & 9 LAA Regiments led by Phil Easton nearly out of sight at the left edge of the first photo.

18 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Raised in 1952 to train National Servicemen the unit was placed on standby for 3 years in the 1960s, during the Konfontasi Crisis.

Photos by Vic Rae

World War 2 Gunner Associations

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