Anzac Day 2016

Sydney March & Gunner Reunion

This year marked the centenary of the first ANZAC Day March in 1916 and the centenary of the first major battle fought by Australian troops on the Western Front on 19 July 1916. The battle of Fromelles was the worst 24 hours in Australian history, not just military history, with the 5th Australian Division suffering 5,533 casualties in one night.

Due to the closure of George Street, because of the construction of the Light Rail, the March this year proceeded south down Elizabeth Street, turning left into Liverpool street and dismissing near the Sydney War Memorial The spectators gathered all along the route to applaud the many attendees on a fine Autumn day.


Veterans Descendants

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Boer War South Africa 1899 1902 Veterans Descendants A Fd Bty

World War 1 Veterans Descendants
World War 2 and more recent conflicts - Veterans Descendants
2/1 AA Regt
2/14 Fd Regt
2/12 Fd Regt
102 Tank Attack Regiment and 554-555 LAA Btys


Photos by Vic Rae

World War 2 Gunner Associations

Post-World War 2 Gunner Associations

Gunner Reunion