Charter of the Association

Gunners serve in different generations, with different equipment and ammunition, in different theatres of operations and with varying rules of engagement. They all have an interest in the difference that they bring to the battlefield and in the processes and practices that set the profession apart while contributing to the overall success of operations or exercises.

The Regiment, both regular units and army reserve, is involved in the current business of the day. Gunners on discharge often seek to maintain links, often with Unit or Artillery Branch Associations. As time goes by Unit Associations often lose their viability and "fade away" leaving members without a point of contact.

The RAA Association (NSW) Inc is an overarching organisation that can offer "Branch" status to complying Unit and Branch Associations and exists to recognise and foster the work of the Regiment in NSW.

The RAA Association (NSW) Inc seeks to recognise and promote the following objects:

(1) to be the peak Gunner organisation in NSW

(2) to foster esprit-de-corps, gunner tradition and comradeship amongst all gunner ranks;

(3) to communicate with the Gunner fraternity;

(4) to represent and make representations on behalf of all Gunners.

Similar organisations exist in each State and Territory and have links to the Royal Artillery Association in the UK.The Association supports the work of the RAA National Museum.

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