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10 Apr 17   Mt Pleasant ANZAC Day Service ACT   RAA Assn ACT
19 Jan 17   Blitz Truck for sale   RAA Historical Company
4 Mar 16   National Coral Gunner Dinner - 14May16   RAA Historical Company
1 May 13   West Head Fort 5 & 18 May   NPWS / Gunfire
4 Dec 12   Saint Barbara's Day Greeting 2012   Head of Regiment - BRIG S. Roach
28 Nov 12   "Artillery in Tasmania, 1901- 2011" - The Book   Douglas Wyatt OAM, RFD
24 Oct 12
Defence Widows Support Group
17 Feb 12  
Darwin Military Museum
17 Sep 11
23 Jan 11
29 Nov 10
RAA Regimental Committee