St Barbara (the Legend)

St Barbara lived and died around 300 AD.

According to legend, St Barbara was the daughter of a wealthy heathen named Dioscorus.

Dioscorus being fearful that his beautiful daughter would be taken from him by marriage, he had her shut up in a tower where he left her while he went away on business.

Having already heard of the teachings of Christ, Barbara whilst imprisoned spent much of her time contemplating the beauty of life and creation and came to accept the Christian Faith.

When her father came back and discovered that she was a Christian, he ordered that she be put to death and personally carried out the death sentence. Shortly after doing so, Dioscorus was struck by Lightning which consumed his body.

The manner of her father’s death caused Barbara to be regarded as the Patron Saint of Fire and Lightning among other things.

In later years St Barbara was invoked to protect against explosion.

As early Artillery pieces often blew up St Barbara became the Patron Saint of Artillerymen.


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