Decades of Change

Gunners Timeline

This timeline highlights selected Gunner History over the decades ending with 2013.




470 years ago


Henry VIII acquired mortars for seiges

 220 years ago


Following declaration of war by France, Governor Hunter ordered a redoubt with 8 emrasures be built on the east point (Point Bennelong or the site of the present day Sydney Opera House) to be armed with guns from HMS Supply



160 years ago


Outer Middle Head Sydney Harbour fortified 1853-1960

 140 years ago


Inner Middle Head; 1873-1945

 120 years ago




Signal Hill Battery; 1893-late 1930s

Coogee Battery; 1893-1945

Bondi Battery; 1893-1945


 70 years ago

Battle for Buna

Battle for Sananada

Battle for Wau

Airborne Aust & US troops landing at Nadzab

Battle for Salamaua

7th & 9th Div enter Lae

Battle for Finschaffen

7th Div capture Dumpu Rimu Valley

Last Japanese air raid on Darwin 11 Nov

7th Div captured The Pimple, Shaggy Ridge


 60 years ago


Gunners serve on HQs and in Air Op postings in Korea.

Armistice Panmunjon 27 Jul


 50 years ago


102 Bty relieves 103 Bty in Malaysia embeded into 45 Lt Regt RA

102 Bty deployed in Terendak, in DS 3 RAR. 30 Oct Bty fires 63 rounds the first against an enemy since being raised.


 40 years ago


27 Jan Conclusion of hostilities in SVN

8/12 Mdm Regt formed at Holsworthy with one Mdm & 2 Fd Btys, 1 Fd Regt in Brisbane and 4 Fd Regt in Townsville.

CMF units train with regular units - conversion from 25 pdr to 105mm ordnance.


 30 years ago


Delivery of M198 155mm towed howitzers commenced.

 20 years ago


13 Fd Bty raised at Kallangur Nth of Brisbane.

1 RAR Bn Gp deployed to Somalia with elements 107 Fd Bty.



Withdrawal of 105mm howitzers and disestablishment of Field Artillery in the Army Reserve.

Light Artillery Batteries raised in the Army Reserve.



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