Decades of Change

Gunners Timeline

This timeline highlights selected Gunner History over the decades ending with 2015.




130 years ago



3 March Gunnery School Middle Head established under MAJOR EGH Bingham RA and CAPT W St Pierre Bunbury RA.

A' Bty - contingent departs Sydney and arrives in Sudan on the 29th. They were re-equipped with 9-pdrs. The contingent returned to Sydney on 23 June. The Battery returned to Sydney on 23 June.

Bare Island Fort, Botany Bay operational: 1*10 inch RML in a casemate, 2*9inch RML guns, 2*80 pdrs RML. During its life one 9" gun was replaced by a 6 inch BL HP gun in service in 1903. Service life of the fort was 1885-1910.

120 years ago



Gunnery courses at Middle Head are moved to South Head.


Henry Head Fort, on the northern entrance to Botany Bay, was operational from 1895-1918. It consisted of a two gun, 6inch MkV BL HP Battery.


110 years ago


NSW School of Gunnery at Middle Head is moved to Victoria Barracks.


 100 years ago



3 Feb - Turkish forces attack Suez.

19 Feb - The Dardenelles Campaign opens.

25 April - ANZAC landing at Gallipoli

29 May - Attack on Quinns Post Gallipoli

6-10 Aug - Battles of Lone Pine and Sari Bair

20 Dec - Evacuation of ANZAC & Suvla completed



April - Battery of 4.7" naval guns installed at Rabaul. Initially manned by navy and later by permanent artillery


90 years ago





7 Apr - Army permitted to purchase Anti-Aircraft (3 inch 20cwt) & Medium guns (6 inch guns & 60 pdr howitzers).

1st Medium Artillery Brigade raised in NSW and the 2nd in VIC.

Two Artillery Survey Companies raised.



80 years ago  


March the Federal Government abbounces an immediate start to the fortification of North Head, NSW. McConnell Building Company won the tender for the construction of the 9.2 inch battery and adjoinging structures, the work being completed in January, 1936 ready for the installation of the guns.


70 years ago



5 Mar - Australians take Saposa, Solomon Islands

1 May - Landing Tarakan, Borneo

7 May - German hostilities ceased in Europe and Germany surrenders.

8 May - VE (Victory in Europe) Day

11 May - 6th Div captures Wewak, New Guinea

8 Jun - Australians land on Bonis Peninsula, Bougainville

10 Jun - 9th Div land at Brunei, Labuan and Muar, Borneo

1 Jul - 7th Div landed at Balikpapan

6&9 Aug - Atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

14 Aug - Japan surrenders and hostilities ceased in the Pacific

15 Aug - VP (Victory in the Pacific) Day

2 Sep - Japan signs the instrument of surrender

13 Sep - Japan surrenders at Wewak, New Guinea


 60 years ago



Feb -

Regular artillery batteries renumbered:

‘A’ Bty became 100 (A) Bty,

3rd AA Bty became 103 Bty,

4 Locating Bty became 104 Bty

As the guns in use at the time were gun/howitzers it was decided to rename the batteries following the convention of the howitzer batteries in the WW1 Artillery Brigades.

24 May - 105 Bty raised

12 Sep - Australian advance guard arrives in Penang

19 Oct - 105 Bty arrives in Penang to join 28th Commonwealth Brigade Group.


 50 years ago



7 Mar - Operation Sarawak commences, 102 Fd Bty deployed from 27 Apr to 14 Aug.

27 May - 1 RAR departs Sydney by sea for SVN supported by 161 NZ Fd Bty.

Sep 105 Bty deployed to SVN

131 Div Loc Bty reformed as an all regular unit. The CMF personnel moved to 133 Div Loc Bty.


40 years ago



Last of the CMF units receive and complete conversion training on the 105mm M2A2 howitzer.

Apr - Commander Field Force Artillery (CFFA), Brig Peter Norton, assumes command of all artillery units for the first time since WW2.


 20 years ago


11 Nov 1995 - Army conducted a Mini-Tattoo at Victoria Barracks, Paddington, the first since 1953


 10 years ago



Apr - The Network Centric Warfare Roadmap for future development was announced. NCW would enable troops to receive real-time information and imagery relevant to their mission or situation. It was projected to be operational at a joint level by 2020.



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