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23 Field Regiment - 7 Field Regiment RAA

Live-Firing Exercise




On the weekend 14-16 November 2008, the two NSW based Fd Regts 7 and 23, deployed to Singleton for a joint live-fire exercise. Long standing rivals in various Army Reserve Artillery competitions, the two gun lines competed over the weekend to carry out their drills faster and better than their opposition. The exercise objective was to reinforce artillery trade training, and exercise High Readiness Reserve (HRR) Joint Offensive Support Team (JOST) capability, with the added opportunity of having two call-signs on the ground. The gun lines conducted 24-hour operations over the weekend.

Attending the weekend were 17, 'try-before-you-buy', potential recruiting candidates, together with 75 members from Aust Army Cadets Corps. As well, members of the unit RAA associations, visited the exercise. The visitors were able to watch deliberate and direct deployments of the guns, live firing of the 105mm Hamel guns, as well as the activity of the forward observers.

The following pictures are courtesy of 23 Fd Regt RAA Association member Ron Weewan. Click on a picture to view a larger image.


Arriving at the gun position
Directing traffic
Moving the guns on
This way to your platform
Here comes the ammunition
Obtaining fixation via the GPS
Observation post (OP)
The target, 2.4 Km from the OP
Association visitors at the OP
Inside the Command Post (CP)
  Plotting at the safety map  
Association visitors at the Command Post
On the gunline
Ready awaiting mating
Charge correct and ready to load
Full recoil
Observer adjusts fire onto the target
Target rounds
How's that
Visitors at the guns