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23 Field Regiment RAA

60th Birthday Open Day




In July 2008 the Regiment celebrated it's 60th Birthday, being one of the new CMF units formed in 1948, as part of the reorganisation of the Army after WW2. In 1948 the unit had depots at Belmore, Homebush, and Ashfield in NSW. In 2008 it occupies depots at Kogarah (HQ), Holsworthy, and Sutherland in NSW, as well as Canberra. On 26 July 2008, the unit hosted a BBQ at the Kogarah depot to celebrate the birthday.

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    The Holsworthy and Canberra Depots of 10 Bty competed in a gun race - here Canberra gets off to a fast start     The Holsworthy Depot team in the maroon jumpers just edging ahead of Canberra
    The Canberra Depot team bring the gun into action     A close finish with the Holsworthy team the winners
    L119 Hamel 105mm Gun under camouflage     Getting a closer look at the Regiment's current gun equipment.
    A display of past equipments of the Regiment showed the 17 pdr Anti Tank Gun     together with the L5 105mm Pack Howitzer and the M2A2 105mm Howitzer