Current Artillery Units


The RAA Association (New South Wales) Inc supports the work of the Regiment throughout Australia.

Being located in New South Wales, the birthplace of the Regiment of Artillery in Australia, the association works closely with the local units.

Artillery structure changes from time to time to meet the operational needs of the Australian army. The army is currently part way through the most extensive restructure since World War 2 as part of the Adaptive Army doctrine. The changes will flow through until approximately 2016.

Field artillery in the regular army is transitioning from 105mm howitzers to 155mm howitzers and as a result the term 'field' has been dropped from the unit titles.

The Army Reserve Field Regiments and Batteries were disestablished at the beginning of 2013 and Light Batteries have replaced them on the Order of Battle. This reflects the move from 105mm howitzers to 81mm mortars. Initially the 6 Light Batteries were placed under the operational command of Infantry battalions.until 15 January 2018 when 9th Regiment Royal Australian Artillery was re-formed to command all of the Army Reserve Batteries throughout Australia. By 2018 the term "Light" was dropped from the unit designations.. RHQ 9 Regt RAA is based at the Kogarah Multi-user Depot in Sydney.

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Units and Sub-units are named using Light Blue text. If the unit has a website a hot link is indicated by the Dark Blue text.

There are two Army Reserve Batteries in NSW:

7 Battery is based at Dee Why.

The Battery is supported by its past members through the 7 Fd Regt Association. You can find out about the regiment's history through the association's link.

The Battery is also supported by personnel from 9 HAA & 9 LAA Regts Association. 9 HAA Regt (armed with 3.7" AA guns), was redesignated 9 LAA Regt in 1963, when it was rearmed with 40mm Bofors guns. Then, from 1 Nov 73, 9 LAA Regt personnel were transferred to 7 Fd Regt to form 28 Fd Bty at the Dee Why Depot. This occurred after 9 LAA Regt was removed from the ORBAT following a review of the Army. Btys of 9 HAA, 9 LAA and 7 Fd Regts were the former occupants of the Dee Why Depot, where 7 Bty RAA Bty HQ is now located.

23 Battery is based at Kogarah.

The Battery is supported by its past members through the 23 Fd Regt Association.

There are other artillery units located outside of NSW. The 4 Batteries listed are all part of 9 Regt RAA based at Kogarah NSW:

1st Regiment

4th Regiment

8th/12th Regiment

16th Air Land Regiment

20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment

2/10 Battery

3 Battery

5/11 Battery

6/13 Battery

School of Artillery

The School of Artillery is located in Bridges Barracks, Pukapunyal as part of the Combined Arms Training Centre (CATC). 53rd Battery provides the gun platform to support the courses provided by the school.