Australian Gunners' Stories

This section has been quite slow in getting going. Perhaps it is the thought of the enormity of the exercise given the huge number of soldiers who have served the guns or been attached to units of the regiment.

It was a recent post by Peter Kivell of New Plymouth, NZ to our Guest Book that aroused my interest. So this section has now its first entry. In this case following the link by selecting the name will take you to another website on which the information can be found. As this section grows some of the information will be stored on the association's website.

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Doughty RD Lt Ralph D Doughty MC. Being a NZ gunner in Austalia at the outbreak of WW1 saw him enlist in the 1AIF and allocated to 3 Bde AFA. Throughout his overseas experience he maintained a journal which his great, great nephew, Peter Kivell, has transcribed to a family website which he now shares with our readers. Our thanks to Peter for sharing with us his relatives remarkable story.